UPVC doors and windows

مهمترین نکته در استفاده از درب و پنجره های دوجداره ، آب بند و هوابند کردن آنــها می باشد و در این میان گسکت نقش پر همتی دارد ، در ساخت پنجره می توان از لاستیک های EPDM و PVC استفاده کرد که هر یک تفاوت چشـــــم گیری دارد و باید دقت ویژه ای به این عضو حساس داشت . یراق آلات مصرفی باید بالاترین کیفیت را در کارآیی و استقامت را در درازمدت و استفاده مکرر داشته باشد تا حـــداکثر بهره وری را از درب و پنجـــره داشته باشیم .


Tips on UPVC windows

1. What is the price of double glazed PVC windows in comparison with other products?

Like all goods, this product has different prices and depending on the type of PVC profile, fittings used and the type of design, the prices are different. Double glazing, price of fittings, installation cost, shipping and VAT are included. If you are comparing, note that in special aluminum with double glazing, there are usually three quality categories with different weights. And the medium type is used for larger windows and the strong type is used for doors with thicker sheets. Unfortunately, some sellers use weaker types that can not withstand heavy double glazing, for large units, and certainly low price. Terry is given to the customer. It can even be seen that aluminum scrap is used for this purpose, which the consumer should pay attention to all these things. The price of double glazed PVC window is equal to the price of double glazed glass.

2- What is the reason for the price difference between different companies producing PVC double glazed windows?

Type of PVC profile used

Consumable and German fittings or being cracked and graded.

The type of industrial double glazing used

Good quality production including welds in the corner of windows, used galvanizing, sealing rubbers

The most important is the standard installation and use of earthen bridge foam and mastic glue and screws for installation at certain intervals.

Support and after-sales service

What are the ingredients of UPVC?

The main material required for the production of PVC profiles (PolyVinil Choloride) or PVC with K-Value is about 65. PVC or polyvinyl chloride is one of the oldest and most widely used types of polymers in the world, which is obtained by polymerization of vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) and makes up approximately 85% of the composition of UPVC profiles.

PVC is a combination of crude oil derivatives and chlorine gas that is produced during the polymerization process. In the polymerization process, the carbon-carbon double bond is broken and PVC polymer is formed by bonding vinyl chloride monomers to each other.

This material is produced in two types of emulsion and suspension. The type of suspension is divided into two groups: hard and soft. The hard type has a K-value or molecular weight index of 67-65 and the soft type has a range of 68-71.

Hard PVC is known as Unplastisized due to its low absorbency (DOP).

UPVC means the same as non-plastic polyvinyl chloride. Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE FA means

Unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride

This material has different physical properties than PVC.

In the production process of UPVC to increase the quality of the final product, special additives are added to PVC powder (polyvinyl chloride) which creates solid properties in it. These additives are as follows:

Impact Modifier

Shock absorbers or resistors create mechanical properties in the product and increase the resistance of UPVC against impact and hammer of thorns and increase its flexibility.

Heat Stabilizers

Stabilizer creates heat resistance in the production process (extrusion) as well as the final product resistance to ambient heat. Thermal stabilizers increase the resistance of the profile to heat and prevent damage to doors and windows in the vicinity of open air and heat from sunlight. Color stabilizers prevent color shifting and damage to UV profiles.

Fillers Fillers

Fillers are also used to increase the mechanical properties as well as reduce the cost of the product. Calcium carbonate (CaCO3) is one of the most common fillers used in this industry, which should be observed in granulation and coated. Calcium carbonate mines are abundant in Iran and various companies in extraction and granulation Its classification works. Of course, the grain size of Iranian companies is not exactly the grain size of foreign companies, and generally the mesh sizes are not real.


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