Salian Door Mandegar Iran Mall اطلاعات بیشتر Slide Two Fire Proof Door One of these features, the ability to block fire, plays an important role in the fire protection system of a building. دو لنگه Single More Informaion Slide One Salian Darb Mandegar We are the first Iranian company to receive a technical certificate for the production of single-leaf fire doors Certificates Slide Two We are still moving forward Execution of all automatic doors, electric shutters, automatic glass doors, in arm and rail openers and the first manufacturer of extruded foam blades More information Order


Salian Darb Mandegar has succeeded in receiving 4 technical certificates from the Road, Housing and Urban Development Research Center

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  • Office7 Unit,4thFloor,Daneshgah Bldg,EmamiRad St,Khorram Ave,ARAK,IRAN
  • FactoryNo.716,East Sanatgaran St.,industrial town No. 3,30 km of Tehran road,ARAK,IRAN
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Salian Door Co. is one of the best producers for Building Materials starts its activity from 2003. The Main products with using the Latest machinery and equipment are Double Glazed Thermal Aluminium Doors and Windows, UPVC Windows, different Kinds of Mesh. The other activity is design and implement the Composite and Frameless Facade. Due to the need for mass-builders for Fireproof Doors , this industrial complex with the aim of producing a qualified and competitive product and using new technology built new product named “Fireproof Doors” in 2009. In 2014,we received the Certificate by Iran Research Institute for Roads,Housing and Urban Development. We proudly announce that, we can get the Technical Certificate for the production of “single Fireproof Doors” as the first Iranian company in June of 2016. And also in December of 2016, as the first and only Iranian company, Certificate for producing Fireproof Doors issued for this industrial complex.

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