Introducing explosion-proof doors

Introducing explosion-proof doors

Explosion-proof or explosion-proof doors are doors that have the …

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Introducing explosion-proof doors

What is an explosion proof door?

Explosion-proof or explosion-proof doors are doors that have the highest level of Are resistance. These doors must not only be resistant to the explosion and impact of their initial wave and not deform and break as much as possible, but also must be completely resistant to the propagation of the return wave. Salian Darb Mandegar Company is a top manufacturer in this field.

In other words, if the initial blast wave hits the door, the design must be designed to prevent the blast wave from returning to the blast site and further damaging the environment.

Due to the very high resistance of these doors to explosion and its wave, they are used in security environments and ammunition depots where the possibility of explosion is high. Applications of this type of door include petrochemical refineries, food storage silos, furnaces and industries related to the production of weapons and ammunition, as well as laboratories.

Explosion-proof door material

As mentioned throughout the text, explosion resistance and the wave formed by it is the first and most important factor in designing explosion-proof doors. For this reason, the design of this equipment requires compliance with several standards, the most important of which is the selection of appropriate materials.

Such doors are designed in several layers, the two outer layers of 10 to 20 mm steel sheets and placed between two layers of steel mesh and filled with industrial and refractory concrete completely the middle layer. In addition to the material used for the door layers, the doors are completely insulated with the help of compressed rock wool and the amount of heat transfer coefficient in them is reached to the lowest possible level.

In addition, the type of paint used for the door is completely fireproof and will not be damaged in contact with corrosive materials. Also, their frame is made of very durable and special metals and due to the use of movable tabs, the probability of opening them due to theft or explosion is zero.

Explosion-proof door prices

Due to the great variety of these doors, their prices are also completely different. The price of an explosion-proof door is determined based on various factors, some of which are:

Door size and dimensions

According to the size and dimensions that are considered for the door, the amount of materials and steel used for them is determined. So that the larger the size and dimensions of the door, the more weight they have and finally the higher the price of the door.7Explosion-resistant door design

Single-leaf or double-leaf doors, as well as hinged or sliding and shuttering, can also affect the price of explosion-proof doors. It should be noted that these doors are designed and manufactured according to the environmental conditions and the type of goods and the amount of security required, and prices are determined accordingly.

Door lock type

All explosion-proof doors have special locks that can control the opening and closing of the door with the help of a hydraulic motor. These locks are produced by domestic and foreign brands that have different prices. It should also be noted that the price of such doors are completely variable according to the exchange rate and are not fixed.

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