Fire door and its applications

Fire door and its applications

Fire door and its applications

As you all know, doors are an integral and very important part of our home. Doors allow us in and out and can protect us from heat, cold, various injuries, burglars, and so on and so forth. You have to pay a lot of attention to choosing a suitable door and pay attention to a series of important factors when choosing a door. As you may know, there are different types of doors, such as anti-theft and fire doors. You have heard the name of anti-theft doors at least once and you know their use and how they work. These types of doors are used in many buildings today. Your house door may also be an anti-theft door. But fire doors are a new type of door that you may not be so familiar with and do not know how it works. Fire doors can be used in many fields such as office, commercial, medical, as well as residential centers and have many benefits for users. In the following, we will talk more about these doors for you and we will examine the different types of these doors, how they work and their benefits. For many years, the durable door is one of the famous manufacturers of fire doors.

What is a fire door?

Now that you know the name of the fire door and know very little about it, it’s time to learn more about the fire door and its features. In answer to the question what is a fire door, we must say that as the name of this type of door, we can say that this type of door is highly resistant to fire and can be damaged by fire and heat. Do not exist. But you should note that when we say that these doors are fireproof, it does not mean that any kind of heat will damage these doors with any intensity, it will not be damaged in any way, but each of these doors according to The materials made of it, the way they are made, the environment around them, have a certain amount of oxygen supply and a fire resistance threshold, and if this threshold breaks their resistance, the fire door will start to be damaged. So, in general, the main purpose of producing fire doors is to prevent fire from entering other areas. For example, if a unit catches fire in an apartment and a fire door is used for the door of that unit, the fire will not spread to other units, or at least more time will be needed for the fire to spread to other units, at which time firefighters They can take action and have more time to control the fire. In general, fire doors can prevent irreparable damage to buildings and residents during an accident and greatly increase the safety of buildings.

Different types of fire doors

Fire doors can be classified in several ways. For example, in terms of size, we can classify this door in the category of double-leaf fire door, one-and-a-half-leaf fire door, and single-leaf fire door. You may be interested to know that in addition to size classification, these doors also have material classification. But in Iran, steel fire doors are more commonly used, which have the ability to withstand fire at a temperature of eight hundred degrees for four hours. But these doors have other types as well. In addition to steel fire doors, manufacturers are also producing glass fire doors, and wooden fire doors, which we will discuss separately for you in the following. But you should know that each of these doors has its own technical specifications, and for example, only one type of raw material is not used to make these doors. Therefore, when we say that this door is a type of steel fire door, it means that both steel, glass and various fireproof wool have been used to make these doors, but how to make and combine these materials and The percentage of material composition varies in different types of doors to prevent the transfer of smoke, heat, and fire in different conditions.

Steel fire door

We introduced you to these types of doors and said that inside these steel doors, different types of fireproof wool are used, which can withstand temperatures of eight hundred degrees for about four hours. Steel fire doors are commonly used for industrial and commercial units, factories and companies due to their very heavy and rough structure. Because these doors have the ability to control fire more than any other type of door, their use in factories that make flammable materials can be very helpful. But today, the manufacturers of this type of fire door have started to optimize and beautify these doors, and by making smaller, more elegant, and more beautiful steel doors, they have been able to establish their footprints on residential units as well. Open so that builders can use these and doors for units. It is also interesting to know that steel fire doors are widely used in emergency entry and exit stairs and emergency doors.

Glass fire door

You may be surprised to hear that glass is used as a material to prevent smoke and fire from entering. But you should know that today, using the technology of producing different types of glass, manufacturers have been able to open the footsteps of this raw material to the fire door manufacturing industry and use it to produce fire doors. These types of doors have a very high resistance to fire, but you should note that these doors can only prevent fire and smoke from entering another environment and its resistance to fire heat transfer is not so great.

Wooden fire door

You may be interested to hear that wood is used as a raw material to make fire doors. But since the use of glass and steel fire doors for residential use and building units is not very interesting, the manufacturers were able to solve the builders’ concerns by producing wooden fire doors. These types of doors are usually classified according to the duration of their resistance to heat. These doors can withstand heat and flames for thirty minutes, sixty minutes, or one hundred and twenty minutes. But you may be interested to know that the frame of the wooden fire door is made of steel and the inside of the door of these doors is filled with fireproof wool so that they can show great resistance to heat transfer.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a fire door?

Now that you are familiar with the characteristics of different types of these doors and the whole concept of fire doors, you may be wondering what are the advantages of using these types of doors and along with the disadvantages of using these and doors? As mentioned earlier, these doors can guarantee the safety of their surroundings due to the type of construction, their raw materials, as well as the technical structure they have. Preventing fire and smoke, which is one of the most toxic and harmful fire products, can be one of the great benefits of using this type of door for many residents of other apartment units or industrial units. On the other hand, we have to point out that Stephen is very expensive to use and that not everyone can afford to buy this type of door. This point is considered as one of the main weaknesses and disadvantages of fire doors so that many factories and industrial units have no desire to use fire doors and only if different institutions force them to do so. They buy and install fire doors. There are different types of fire doors on the market today, which you can prepare according to your needs. These doors cover a wide range of uses such as residential and industrial buildings that you should pay attention to when choosing a fire door according to your needs. For example, if you want to use this type of door for a residential space, you must pay a lot of attention to the aesthetic issue.

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